Read Others’ Stories

Read about first-hand experiences at CPCs from our investigators as well as people who have unknowingly visited a CPC.  If you or someone you know has visited a CPC in the past, please share your story here.

Our Investigators' Stories


When I called to make an appointment for the crisis pregnancy center, the woman on the phone only asked for my first name, phone number and the date of my last period. I told her that I had taken an at-home pregnancy test, but I wanted to make sure that I was actually pregnant and(…)



I was nervous when I walked up to the counter at the crisis pregnancy center in my college’s town. I went to the front desk and asked if I could be seen that day and have a pregnancy test. The staff made it sound like they were packed all day and someone went into the(…)


Submitted CPC Stories


Alicia was 12 weeks pregnant and wanted an abortion.  After finding what she thought was an abortion clinic in Bellaire, Texas, she called them and made an appointment.  At the time, Alicia didn’t know that the number she called belonged to a crisis pregnancy center (CPC) and that they would do anything in their power(…)