CPCs Exposed

We investigated 16 CPCs across the state to get a sense of their treatment of people experiencing unintended pregnancy and, specifically, their treatment of visitors looking for information about abortion. We discovered that CPCs use deceptive tactics, medical misinformation and flat out lies to dissuade people with unintended pregnancies from accessing abortion services.


We had volunteers of reproductive age go to CPCs and pose as visitors seeking information about all of their options, including abortion. The investigations took place in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Bryan/College Station, El Paso and their surrounding suburbs. Eight of the investigated CPCs receive state funding from Texas Pregnancy Care Network and two CPCs receive funding from the “Choose Life” license plates. Our investigations revealed that CPCs use similar tactics to pressure people into continuing their unintended pregnancies, including stalling access to health care so that pregnancy progresses, proliferating false information about health risks associated with abortion and providing incorrect information about fetal development. Use the menus at the top and side of the page or the list below to explore the findings of our 2014 crisis pregnancy center research.

Shady Sonograms– Learn about how CPCs use ultrasounds to manipulate people into continuing their pregnancies.
Delay Tactics– Find out how CPCs delay pregnant people’s access to healthcare services.
Lies and Misinformation– Discover some of the lies that CPCs tell their visitors about abortion and fetal development.
Scare Tactics– CPCs will say anything to convince their visitors to not have an abortion, check out this section to learn more.
Service Limitations-CPCs are incapable of handling the nuances of unintended pregnancy and there are many limitations to the services they offer, visit this page to find out more.

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