I was nervous when I walked up to the counter at the crisis pregnancy center in my college’s town. I went to the front desk and asked if I could be seen that day and have a pregnancy test. The staff made it sound like they were packed all day and someone went into the back to ask if some volunteers would stay. In the mean time they asked for my ID. I said I didn’t have it because my boyfriend drove me and then they said they needed to take my picture then. I thought that was odd, why would they need any identification on me? They randomly forgot about needing my ID and took me to a back room. When I went to talk to my counselor she sat me down and asked how I was. I said I was initially there to talk about my options and she only barely skimmed over abortion after I asked directly. She then tried to make me feel more comfortable. Her questions then were all over the place. She asked about my relationship with my mother and boyfriend, plans for my future, about Jesus, and then if I was ready to take my test. After I got positive results everyone was happy for me. They asked if my boyfriend wanted to come in with me now for the more in depth ‘counseling’, I declined and asked about my IUD. The first woman had no idea if it would complicate my pregnancy and asked if I wanted an ultrasound. When I went to get my ultrasound I was pretty nervous because I knew they couldn’t find anything since I wasn’t pregnant. The woman who took my ultrasound was not a technician, but a volunteer. She encouraged me to drink water to hopefully find the baby on the screen, but still there was nothing. I talked about my IUD to her and she started to panic. She went to the front desk and came back saying I really should go to the hospital and she was worried for my health. After that ordeal the first counselor then asked me how I felt. She was oddly calm for the whole situation. She wanted me to know that I had ‘family’ there and that she saw me as an orphan of sorts. I asked then about my IUD and being pregnant, that if I had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have it removed would that still be considered an abortion. She told me that indeed it would. Then we had this what felt like eternal prayer session where we prayed for every aspect of my life so far. I left with the whole place being abuzz with concern over what I would guess was my unborn imaginary embryo. They called me to make sure I went to the hospital for 3 days after and left me voicemails encouraging me to contact them.

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